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Moist Heat Therapy vs. Dry Heat Therapy

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Using heat therapy for pain relief can be very effective to help soothe lower back pain, migraines, menstrual cramps, stiff muscles and much more.  Figuring out what type of heat therapy to choose and which product will work best for you can be confusing to figure out.  In local stores or online, you will find lots of options including hot water bottles, electric heating pads, rice bags and multiple ointments. Despite the different options, did you know there are two different types of heat therapy, Moist Heat and Dry Heat?

What is the difference between Moist Heat and Dry Heat? 

Dry heat therapy is very common and primarily what you find in local stores. Dry heat could be considered easy and more convenient but those with sensitive or dry skin types should be careful. A major consideration of this kind is that they draw out moisture from the skin and may leave it seemingly dehydrated. Many dry heating pads are electrical and there is also the availability of dry heat saunas but if you do not want to place your skin at the risk of dehydration it is best to stick with moist heat therapy.  There is a ton of research on risks associated with electrical heating pads that we will not discuss here.

What should you consider if you use a dry heat pad for your therapy. Firstly care must be taken that you do not exceed mid-level temperature point otherwise you will place yourself at the risk of skin burn. Also, a dry heat pad ideally should not be used for more than a period of 30 minutes at a stretch.

Moist heat therapy makes use of experiences such as hot baths, use of steamed towels and moisture heating pads.  A moist heat pad is more suited for muscle pain since the heat from these penetrates deep into the muscles, providing quick relief from the symptoms such as severe pain. It can aid in increasing the elasticity of skin tissue, thus making this type of heat pad ideal for individuals you have trouble with dry and/or aged skin. Even the experts recommend the use of moist heating pads over the option of dry heat pad owing to the benefits of deep penetration of heat and less concern for skin irritation. Another remarkable advantage of the some moist heating pads is that they are reusable, allowing you to save some money in the long run.

Moist heat can speed recovery by increasing blood flow to the targeted area. Our moist heat pad is particularly chosen to combat the following conditions: stiffness, pain, secondary muscle spasm in patients suffering from chronic arthritis, pain and muscle spasm on posterior neck, the condition of acute temporoman dibular joint closed lock and back pain in patients.

When to use Heat Packs vs. Cold Packs

Cold – cold therapy is primarily used to reduce inflammation.

Heat – some precautions are vital when using heat therapy such as not using any heat right after suffering an injury, heat is not to be used for individuals with circulatory issues or those unconscious and limit the therapy to first plus use along with a towel or cloth to avoid skin damage. If the area around the sore muscle appears swollen or bruised, an ice pack instead of heat can reduce the swelling. You should always monitor an area being treated, whether using wet or dry heat. If the area begins overheating, the heat source must be removed immediately before it causes a burn. 

If you are looking for buying moist heating pads you can choose our products. Our moist heating pads provide Instant heat, are reusable and non-toxic. 

Remember to always consult a medical professional to determine the right type of heat therapy and frequency of use.

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